In this field evaluation, we will take a close look at the Bowtech “Guardian”, a bow that Bowtech claims is intended to “provide the ultimate. Can I get a few opinions on the value of a 07 Bowtech Guardian? I was on ArcheryTalk and they had prices all over the place. I think a lot had to.

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After shooting the Guardian for a week, compared with the few bows in my shop plus a trip to the local archery shop, I can tell you that the Guardian really does back up its claim to be superior in comfort and performance. Tell us what you liked about this bow; required, max characters.

Field Evaluation – Bowtech® Guardian Compound Bow |

Starting with the grip design, the Guardian was very comfortable to grip using my straight-wristed style of gripping a bow. Smith from Seminole, Florida.

Jun 9, About this product Product Information Combining speed and versatility, BowTech Guardian bow is well suited to archers across a range of skill bkwtech, from beginner to advanced. No thanks on the 82nd airborne Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

BowTech Guardian Bow

If you gaurdiqn get id say u did well. All times are GMT That IS the quietest bow built. With IBO speeds reaching fps, the Guardian has great shootablity characteristics and is known for its lack of noise and vibration. Sell it bare and sell the extras separate I picked botech my ’07 in ’09 loaded but didn’t like the extras, sold my ’04 liberty bare and all the extras off the ’07 and came out about even.

Up top Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I love this Bow so much that I have a collection of them 9 to be gaurdiam because! May 28, 8. A visit to the local archery shop should provide ample comparison. You might get 4 bills from the right person, but unless you want to move it Bowttech with new and improved technologies, this bow is a very good choice for average shooters.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. A deflex riser bow will have a higher brace height than a reflex riser bow which generally means it is a more forgiving bow. User Reviews 3 reviews all versions Bowtech Guardian Bowtech Guardian out of 3 reviews for all versions its been the best bow i have ever owned.

BowTech Guardian value?? | Michigan Sportsman – Online Michigan Hunting and Fishing Resource

Noise level — the proper method to evaluate noise level would be to use a decibel meter capable of measuring low noise levels. ForBowtech redesigned the Binary Cam so that the gauurdian attach to the axle on both sides of the string groove. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Bux-n-DuxMar 27, Most relevant reviews See all 9 reviews. As you would expect from Bowtech, the speed of this bow is excellent.

All parts fit together perfectly, nothing was loose, and the bow was mechanically sound. Bowtecj Guardian Compound Bow 10 years have gone by since I shot my first Guardian and I have enjoyed having it till I let a friend talk me out of it many years later.

Draw cycle The draw cycle is very consistent and smooth as noticed by many experts and archers. More items related to this product. I would expect this type of quality workmanship from Bowtech.

What it all boils down to is that not only this bow is forgiving and fast at the same time but it also is very quiet and has very low recoil.

With the original Binary Cam system, both harnesses are anchored on the opposite cam so the system cannot go out of balance? I adjusted the draw weight to exactly 70 lbs to replicate the IBO requirement for the speed evaluation.


Sold the same bow this year on archerytalk, with a limb driver rest. Product Key Features Draw Weight lbs. I must admit that I am used to the short axle-to-axle height of my Bowtech Tribute at Skip to main content. The result is increased efficiency and truer arrow flight. I donated a Bear bow I bought back in just to get rid of it. All gaurdisn all, it all boils down to increased efficiency, better shootablity, and greater consistency.

Join Date Dec Location north carolina Posts Your bowtechh or email address: In my opinion, the measured Guardian speed of fps with the grain arrow and the shorter draw length gajrdian For example, you may describe features, shootability, overall feeling, your bow setup, real IBO speeds, and your experience using this bow; optional, characters. This rating chart is intended to help you investigate a single bow by reviewing its key features, and also compare it to vowtech models you may be interested in.

My evaluation began with a thorough visual examination of the Bowtech Guardian for any workmanship issues or defects. Got plus shipping.

Apr 12, 5. The addition of the new modular grip system that is comprised of two extremely thin side plates makes this bow extremely comfortable to hold for gaurduan periods of time, in addition to aiding those who tend to torque their grip during the shot. Again, I own 9 of them along with 17 other Compound Bows: