Brihaspati Vrat Katha, Thursday Fast and Vrat Katha – Observance of this fast brings fulfillment of all wishes and Brihaspati God becomes happy. should women keep fast of brihaspati vrat during periods. By Riya Roy on 17/08/ regarding brihaspati vrat. Follow | 1. Answer(s) | of married life. Dev Guru Brihaspati is the Karaka of money. While observing fast, the rules of Vrat should be followed strictly. On the day of.

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One day remembering his good old days he became very sad and began weeping.

should women keep fast of brihaspati vrat during periods – Spiritual Discussion

The king continued his journey and around evening time he saw a farmer sloughing his field the briaspati offered to tell him the story of Brihaspati God but the farmer declined his offer. The maid was greatly surprised as she had checked all the vessels and pitchers earlier and they were all empty. The Black Lotus App. From being a human to divine Shri Brihaspati Vrat Katha in Hindi. Salt should not be taken, wear yellow clothes, eat yellow fruit, and offer your worships with yellow sandalwood paste.

We have learned pandits with us who can explain the significance of the puja in your life and also perform the same on your behalf and help you reap the benefits.

Vedic Secrets

Person observing this fast should prepare himself a day before the fast. Acting on the advice of her maid the queen began spending for good causes which earned her a very good name. Just then Brihaspati God in the guise of a saint came and spoke to the king. On Thursday, it is advised vrta wear yellow coloured clothes and use sandalwood that is yellow coloured too.


While doing Thursday worship, remember to perform the Puja in a systematic manner. To appease Lord Brihaspati, people consider wearing yellow topaz or yellow sapphire in gold. Feb 28, The Brahmin enjoyed every prosperity in this mortal world and went to heaven after death and thus having narrated this story the saint vanished. Stories you may want to read. By following this, one can actually appease God Brihaspati and get blessings.

Food is taken only once on the Vrat day. Prayers are offered by people to BrihaspatiMahadev after reading Kathaa in the evening which completes the fast. Additionally water is also offered.

Brihaspati is also the Lord of education, hence Jupiter should be worshipped regularly and offered water.

Fast on Thursday can be kept for life time. Remember him in the heart and wish him victory.

Thursday Fast

When the saint asked the Queen to give alms vrzt said. Take meals only once a day your meals should contain Gram Pulses. But her mother remains unchanged. Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India. There are many woes, unfulfilled desires, health disorders, poverty, and relationship problems in this materialistic world, which can be curtailed by worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Brihaspati on Thursdays.

The family began starving. Sign In to earn Badges. Astrology Remedies for Jupiter. Legends of Brihaspati Vrat. It includes yellow grams like yellow split Moong Daal without skin, or yellow Chanaa Daal without skin. Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India. Shri Brihaspati Vrat Katha in Hindi.

They are one of the costliest stones and should be worn after chanting Brihaspatimantra only. Immediate Call for Relief-Action.

Fast should be kept with pious heart and one should keep chanting Lord Brihaspati mantra whole day to obtain best results. Why Goddess Lakshmi does not bruhaspati Gambling. The Brahmin went back home and returned to his daughter along with his wife. Importance of observance of fast, its method and Aarti.


Peace and happiness retains in the family and the family members would be able to yield best results in their respective fields. The brihas;ati did get 4 paise lying at door of the prison on Thursday he arranged to get materials for the worship with that money and narrated the story of Brihaspati God to those present there. Wishes of brihhaspati person are fulfilled on observing this fast. The family enjoys happiness and peace.

Bhraspativar (Guruvar) Vrat Katha,बृहस्पतिवार व्रत कथा, Thursday Weekly Fast

It is a story of ancient times — There was a king who was very powerful and munificent he use to observe fast on every Thursday and offer worships. While observing fast, the rules of Vrat should be followed strictly. The Black Lotus App. Now the king used to have Gram pulses tied in the corner of this scarf all the time and used to tell stories related to Brihaspati God three times in a day. Meanwhile, your maid happened to come, but since, during the period while one is listening to the stories related to a deity, one is neither supposed to speak nor is one supposed to leave the place of worship.

Place dry sweets on a dish while chanting this mantra. After offering worships one should listen to stories related to Brihaspati God.

One should offer some home-made sweet made of besan, turmeric or yellow coloured sweet to Lord Brihaspati.