BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON by Stephen Vincent Benét. The north and the w est and the south are good hunting ground, but it is forbidden to go east. It. Dec 14, Need help with By the Waters of Babylon in Stephen Vincent Benét’s By the Waters of Babylon? Check out our revolutionary side-by-side. The By the Waters of Babylon Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Stephen Vincent Benet.

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There is some rather silly and heavy-handed moralizing.

They were men—they went a dark road, but they were men. But the towers byy look blind, for the gods are gone. Download this Chart PDF. He said, “This is a strong dream. It seemed to me it should not have happened, with all the magic they had. My father watched over me—he was glad that I should be a watdrs. They are hard to learn. Then I saw the skin on the back of his hand—it was like dry leather.

I have said the magic was gone but that is not true—it had gone from the magic things but it had not gone from the place. Just before bbabylon, he sees three deer and a white fawn going east—this is a strong sign, so he follows them, even though traveling east is forbidden. He looked at me for a long time, stroking his beard, and then he said at last, “Yes. When it seemed to me that they had had time to hear me, I went on.

But, before I knew it, the bow was in my hand. I think I read this story in 8th grade, or that was at least the first time I heard about it.

I had just found a door I could open when the dogs decided to rush. Readers understand that John is witnessing New York city lit up at night by electric light—an astounding sight for a wategs from a society without electricity.


As I pushed the raft from the shore, I began my death song—I had the right.

I like when authors write about our society from an outsider’s point of view because it’s always interesting to see what they find as strengths and weaknesses. I went toward this god-road, keeping to the heights of the ruins, while the dog followed.

By the Waters of Babylon

I thought to myself “This is strong magic” and trembled. One night, when he camps near a Dead Place, he finds a knife in a dead house. I had not gone through all the rooms when the darkness fell.

The twist in this story is so great, and if you discover it on your own before the end of the story, the payoff is even better.

The first room was a small ante-room—I waited there for some time, telling the spirits of the place that I came in peace and not as a robber.

When I was a man at last, I came genet my father and said, “It is if for me to go on my journey. As he explores the apartment, John finds the dead god sitting in a chair by the window, as if he is looking out over the city. John tells us that his experience as a priest has since shown him that his father was right.

The Ou-dis-san recalls the River Styx, which separates the worlds of the living and dead in Greek mythology. I covered my eyes with my hands and crept back into the forest. Perhaps there was a magic word to open it but I did not have the word. There was a washing-place but no water—perhaps the gods washed in air. The Forest People are afraid of them but I am not. Nevertheless, it was vinceny. It was just kinda blah.


He is set on reconstructing the society humans had watsrs ago, and this time, making things right. When I saw my father again, I prayed and was purified.

But, even after the city had become a Dead Place, for many years the poison was still in the ground. He looked at me out of both eyes. It was very dystopian but with no real suspense.

By the Waters of Babylon

Sometimes these are still found in the Dead Places—once, when I was a child and foolish, I opened such a jar and tasted it and found the food sweet. Sometimes signs are sent by bad spirits. Afterwards, both the man and the metal must be purified.

It’s clear from the way that it’s written that it’s aimed at children, but my copy even has a selection of exercises at the end, so it was obviously produced with the classroom in mind. I mean it was interesting to see how it all played out in the post-apocalyptic world, but the first few pages were like watching grass grow.

Looking down stephe where I lay, I saw a dog sitting on his haunches. Behet Edgar Pangborn wrote “The Music Master of Babylon”, [6] a post-apocalyptic story told from the point of view of a pianist living alone in a ruined New York City, and after decades ivncent total isolation encountering two youths from a new culture which had arisen in the world, who come exploring the ruined city. That was small to what came bennet but it made my heart feel big. I saw it happen, I saw the last of them die.