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To present the basic principles of this theory, we shall suppose that the population, from which the variables. This is useful where h is small, for any small segment of a smooth curve can be approximated by a straight line.

Similarly, to the jth member of the sample we -assign the value Xi, which is equal to 1 if this member possesses A and equal to 0 otherwise. The total score is The errors as given by the above rules are the upper bounds of the errors that may occur in a computation.

Volume One of the fourth edition has been out of print for some time now, necessitating a newer edition, and this has enabled us to make a revision of the volume, besides giving it a new and we suppose a more pleasant garb.

Full text of “Fundamentals Of Statistics Vol-1”

If the classes are mutually overlapping, e. Business executives, again, are relying more and more on statistical techniques for controlling the quality of manufactured products and for studying the needs and desires of the ogon. The set of real numbers is closed under the four funda- mental operations. Expectation and standard err or of sample mean.


Thus the treatment will not be applicable to cases where the number of elementary events is infinite either countable or non-countable. Then I f ‘ that is, the geometric mean of ihe ratio of x and jv is the ratio of their geometric means.

But the determination of mode in the continuous case is impossible if only a few values of the variable are given. This is done in Table 5. Double and multiple integrals. If a new variable is formed, viz.

Correlation index and correlation ratio. This, again, is expected to serve as a good prediction formula for y, given x, since the correlation coefficient between. T may also be regarded as a product-moment coefficient. We get numbers if, subsequently, we note the number of male babies and that of female babies, or the number of books written in English, in Hindi, in Bengali, and so forth.

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It has also to be remembered that a statistician is not interested solely in the group characteristics of the data on hand. For the apparent relationship may really be due to the influence of another variable or a group of variables on both of them.


The principle, however, cannot be rigidly followed, as will be apparent from the frequency distribution of Table 5. The number of classes should not be too small either, for this also may obscure the true nature of the distribution. The limit of the sum or yoon of a finite number of functions is equal to the sum or difference of the limits of the individual functions.

Let us again start with two random variables. Method of false position.

If in a given sample exceeds We shall use a notation similar to that used in the case of two attributes. Tlic whole set of cell-frequencies will now define a frequency distribu- tion — a bivariate frequency distribution see Table Replacing the divided differences by finite differences, ive get ,!

Convergence of the iteration method. W e shall first obtain the probability of the complementar ‘ event, viz.

Such gono function has to satisfy the conditions: In the first section, we shall give some idea of the error and approximations in numerical calculations. Hence let us take two more points, 0, 0 and 8, 0.